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The success of LB ITALIA can be attributed to it‘s employees.  Working together, and in harmony, the team strives for continuous improvement and product development. A young and motivated team, continuously ahead of market trends and looking for new markets which can benefit from our experience and professionalism. 

LB ITALIA’s main area of production is for the pasta sector and our approach to the PASTA manufacturers of the world is serious. The wide experience acquired working with, and keeping in touch with our customers, has been used in the design and building of our machines. A complete range of pasta machines that offers not only value but the accumulated experience of all our team.

Our machines are adapted according to our customers needs and the production quantities required. From restaurant to the fresh pasta laboratory to the industrial production. The manufacture is completely made in our factory with the most advanced technology available.

We also supply a complete range of equipment and installation for artisan and semi-industrial production and, thanks to the strong know how acquired in the field, we are able to study personalized solutions according to the customers’ needs and supply all the equipment required to develop the complete production.

In conclusion LB ITALIA occupies itself with pasta from A to Z, giving particular attention to the budget, the quality and the customers’ needs.


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